Vegan friendly Egyptian food

Did you know that a lot of Egyptian food is vegetarian? Meat was historically expensive and the everyday people just couldn’t afford it on a regular basis. Vegetables on the other hand were very affordable.

Also, many Egyptians followed the Coptic Christian religion, which required a strict vegan diet for much of the year.

Egyptian cuisine relies heavily on legume, rice, salads and vegetable dishes. At BEKYA, we reflect this in our dishes. In fact, we continuously develop our menu around consumer dietary requirements.

BEKYA’s new Naturally Vegan range

So really it was only a matter of time before we developed a fully vegan range. So naturally we called our new Egyptian vegan range, Naturally Vegan!

Our Koshari bowl will always be our star with spiced rice, lentils, macaroni, organic chickpeas, homemade spicy tomato salsa, topped with crispy onions and our secret dukkah mix.

But now it has competition with our new Egyptian Falafel Plate. It includes 3 pieces of falafel, choice of salad, mixed pickles, homemade hommus and homemade flatbread. Our flatbread is made daily and made-to-order. But back to the falafels, our falafels are different. We use split fava beans and more greens including dill, coriander, parsley and mint. We add an all-spice mix to blend it together. Other falafels are made with chickpeas and only have parsley. That’s why our falafels are greener and softer on the inside.

Then there’s our Arnabeet Bowl. I had no idea what an arnabeet was when I first joined BEKYA! It’s cauliflower : ) !

Once you’ve had Egyptian style lightly fried cauliflower with homemade zaatar and tahini sauce, you’ll never look at the common cauliflower the same again! The cauliflower is transformed and now you can really taste the natural sweetness of the vegetable.

And lastly our Grazing Plate – and don’t ask me why it’s in a bowl here : ). It has a fattouch salad base, topped with Egyptian falafels, arnabeet, roasted sweet potatoes and roasted beetroot with tahini sauce – DE-LISH! And if you have a thing with roasted beetroot like I do, you’ll be wishing you could graze forever!

How can I forget? Our Naturally Vegan menu also includes a selection of seasonal Egyptian soups and stews. But you’ll have to check out our store boards to see what flavours we have at the moment. Come winter or even autumn, I think I’ll be making a bee-line to the stews and soups for sure!

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