The best thing since sliced bread...meatballs!

Let's put our differences aside with meatballs!

What is it about meatballs that makes me feel warm & fuzzy? In fact, I think these little round balls of packed minced meat could be the answer to world peace. Ok, perhaps that is going way too far. But, these gems exists in so many different cultures, it must be the common language that we can all embrace, right? Well, in my books anyway.

BEKYA Egyptian Meatballs

The Meatball Planet

So I did a little research & found 5 popular versions around the world. In no particular order:

  1. Kofta – A popular dish in many countries, Kofta is thought to have originated from Persia and then spread across Asia. A number of theories exist as far back its history goes; some say it came all the way out of Greece before travelling farther than you can imagine – into India or Bangladesh for example!
  2. Keftedes – Keftedes are one of Greece’s most popular styles of meatballs, made with lamb and sometimes beef mixed in soaked bread seasoned with garlic or oregano. They’re then fried until crisp but juicy!
  3. Turkish Cig Kofte – The traditional Turkish dish, kofte is a type of meatball made from ground fatty lamb and/or beef mixed with parsley. These are then fried until golden brown before being tossed into your favorite sauce or served plain buttered up! Some say there may even exceed 200 varieties.
  4. Albondigas – The albondigas traveling around the world transformed into a favorite dish for many people. In Mexico, it is made with pork and egg in broth or smokey sauce while elsewhere they’re enjoyed without any liquid at all; instead having rice noodles to soak up every last drop!
  5. Skilpadjies – Skilpadjies is an English version that contains beef, venison and even ostrich. Pork meat has been replaced with nutmeg for added flavor plus currants are used in place of raisins to give it more spice!

BEKYA Egyptian Spice’s Meatballs

Naturally we have our own meatballs version at BEKYA Egyptian Spice!

Our kafta meatballs is served with your choice of Egyptian or lentil rice topped with a homemade tomato salsa. Each serving gets four meatballs, not one, two or three, but four delicious meatballs made in the Egyptian way.

Available at all our store locations. Try some today.

The very Special Chicken Shawarma Salad

The Egyptian Chicken Wrap

What is a chicken shawarma anyway? “Shawarma” is a meat heavy dish. It is commonly found throughout the Middle East with variations along the way. Often the meat is thinly sliced, stacked then cooked slowly on a spit or rotisserie. Historically, only lamb was used but today shawarmas can be made from chicken, beef or even turkey & other meats.

Many people do not realise that Egyptian food is all about spices. Egyptian shawarma marinades may include cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, and paprika. Our chicken shawarma is marinated in secret sauce for 6 hours before cooking.

It is tradition for Egyptian shawarmas to be served in a flatbread. Our flatbread is made-to-order fresh in-store using a specially formulated flour mix for our store.

Typically, the shawarma is topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, pickled vegetables & a sauce like tahini sauce. Our chicken wraps are on a bed of mixed leaf salad, garlic, pickles & mild Harissa sauce.

Box 1 Mixed Mini Wraps

The Chicken Shawarma Plate

If you’re a fan of our Chicken Shawarma Wrap, you may think there’s nothing better. But wait, our Chicken Shawarma Plate is pretty damn good as well!

Typically, shawarma plates are served with hommus, rice, salads & some sort of sauce.

Our Shawarma Plate comes with made-to-order flatbread and:

  • 6-hour marinated in secret sauce shredded chicken, mixed leaf salad, garlic, pickles & mild Harissa sauce
  • Your choice of salad including Fattoush salad, Quinoa & Tabouli Salad, Carrot & Cranberry Salad or Pearl Barley & Turmeric Salad
  • Your choice of rice including Rice with Lentils or Egyptian Rice
  • Your choice of homemade & preservative-free dips including Babaghanouj dip, which is chargrilled eggplants, tahini, garlic; Hommus dip, which is organic chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic; Muhammara dip, which is bell peppers, chilli, split fava beans, mayonnaise or Garlic dip

Box 7 Mixed Mini Lunch Bowls + Mixed Mini Salad Bowls

The ‘Special’ in our Chicken Shawarma Salad Special

And if that wasn’t enough, we’e decided to create a Chicken Shawarma Salad! And we think it is super special.

It includes, the shredded chicken  that’s been marinated in secret sauce for 6 hours; on a bed of Fattoush salad and drizzled with our mild Harissa sauce.

We think this is absolutely perfect for Spring! a bit of protein, a bit of salad, a bit of zing.

Grab yours & enjoy! But hurry, this very special wrap ends on 30th Nov 2021


*prices are different & only for South Eveleigh

Box 2 Mixed Mini Skewers

Get ready for Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup, is it really the race that stops the nation?

I used to live in Melbourne and I can personally say that leading up to the Melbourne Cup Carnival was magnificent! I don’t know if it’s just Melbournians finding as excuse to partee, but it always felt like Christmas. The anticipation was as exciting as the carnival week.

In my younger days, much much younger days, my friends & I could only afford General Admission tickets. I’ll confess now only because I’m betting on the statute of limitation, we would brain storm how we could sneak in alcohol. We were very creative indeed!

Back then, the Melbourne Cup most definitely stopped the nation in our minds.

Box 1 Mixed Mini Wraps

The Race & the wiser me

Sheepishly, I must admit, The Spring Carnival was as exciting if not more when I was older. Older meant I could afford better tickets, better clothes & more money to spend on the horses! Yup the same group of misfits, but in sleeker clothes & thinking that we’re all that – indeed we were – to us anyway!

Then I moved to Sydney.

Sadly the momentum for the Melbourne Cup has never been the same. But one thing that has remained the same is getting together with friends. In a way, it has been better. Maybe because I’m older, more mature, who knows! But, I get quite excited when I host a Melbourne Cup party especially the catering!

Box 7 Mixed Mini Lunch Bowls + Mixed Mini Salad Bowls

Catering makes it or break it

So things I’ve learnt about catering for a Melbourne Cup event:

  1. Individual portions – trust me, you’d want to minimise mess. The cleanest way is to have individual portions & not a buffet style catering
  2. Something for everyone – have a variety of food. Best if you have something with meat, veg, fruit/ treats. Even better if you find out if any of your guests have specific food requirements
  3. Bins – have a recycling bin & a general waste bin. Place it somewhere people can see
  4. Pick up time – pick up your catering at least 1 hour in advance. So make sure you choose a catering provider who’s food will still taste great a few hours later.

Most of all, relax & have fun!

Check out our Catering Boxes here Catering

Box 2 Mixed Mini Skewers

Order Catering

BEKYA_Chicken Shawarma Salad

Chicken Shawarma Salad Spring Special

Spring Salad Special

It’s Spring – yay! Spring means warmth, optimism & salads. So we’ve decided to combine everyone’s favourite Chicken Shawarma & our Fattoush Salad into one.

To make our version, we marinate chicken for 6 hours in secret sauce then we shred it after cooking it. Our Fattoush Salad is made with daily fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes, cucumber, white radish, rocket, parsley and crispy flat bread drizzled with pomegranate & balsamic dressing. And finally, we drizzle it with our homemade & preservative-free mild harissa sauce.

Get our Limited Time Chicken Shawarma Salad for $11.90*

The best thing is we’ve made our Special Salad available through as many ways as possible:

Get it:

*Prices on Delivery Apps are different

Or if this Salad is not your thing, have a look at our menu here

Lockdown Bulk Buy 3 Wraps Special

Lockdown Bulk Buy 3 Wraps Special for South Eveleigh Store

We have something very special for our Egyptian Wrap fans – a Bulk Buy 3 Wraps Special. Lock-in 3 Wraps now at a great price & take your time eating it.

Something for the Meat Lovers

For our Meat-Lover fans, we have flavours including our Shishtawook Wrap, which is chicken skewers marinated in secret sauce for 6 hours, then char grilled finish on volcanic rock, topped with a mixed leaf salad, garlic, pickles & mild Harissa sauce; Beef Shawarma Wrap, which is shredded beef also marinated in secret sauce for 6 hours, topped with a mixed leaf salad, pickles and homemade Babaghanouj & Zaatar Yoghurt sauce; or our very popular Chicken Shawarma Wrap, shredded chicken marinated for 6 hours in secret sauce, topped with mixed leaf salad, garlic, pickles & mild Harissa sauce.

Sorry no Lamb Shawarma flavour. 

But this is only available via our our App & for our South Eveleigh store.

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Something for the Non-Meat Lovers

Or non meat lovers, you can choose from Egyptian Falafel Wrap, which is herb intensive Egyptian Falafels, topped with a mixed leaf salad, homemade Hommus, pickles & Tahini sauce; our Haloumi Wrap, comes with of course Haloumi cheese & topped with a mixed leaf salad, pickles, Tahini & homemade Hommus; or our Arnabeet Wrap, which is lightly fried cauliflower, topped with mixed leaf salad, fresh tomatoes, pickles, Tahini & homemade Hommus. 

Limited Time Special

But this is only available via our our App until 31 August 2021, and only for our South Eveleigh store.

Collect 1, 2 Or All 3 Wraps Together Or Separately

Yup, your next 3 meals are sorted thanks to this App Special. You’ll have 6 months to collect 1, 2 or 3 Wraps all at once or on different occasions. Surely you’ll be the best flatmate this lockdown has ever seen if you shouted your flatmate a Wrap of their choice. Maybe cozy up to that workmate with a Wrap – kidding : )  !! Or nah, all 3 Wraps just for you!

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Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup Now Available for South Eveleigh Store

This lockdown is lasting much longer than we all hope. That is why we have scrambled to develop Curbside Pickup as an option via our App for our South Eveleigh store.

We know the residents around this area will appreciate this contactless collection option. So now customers will have another collection option to in-store pickup and deliveries with UberEats or Deliveroo. Locals can now have their Egyptian fix without leaving their car.

Download App for Curbside Pickup


Simply follow these instructions when you Order Ahead on the App.

(1) Add Curbside Pickup as an item to your shopping cart & proceed to complete transaction

(2) Drive to the store located at 1 Locomotive Street, Eveleigh

(3) Stop at the boom gate at the entrance of Locomotive Street

(3) Press the buzzer & advise security that you are collecting an order from BEKYA Egyptian Spice

(4) Drive to store (located 150 meters along Locomotive St)

(5) Stay in your car

(6) When your food is ready, show our staff your order on your phone

(7) We will hand over the food. Enjoy!

But this is only available via our App so download here if you have not done so already Download BEKYA App

Large Size Fries Upsize

Extended Lockdown Free Fries Upsize Meal Deal 31 Aug

Extended Free Fries Upsize Meal Deal

We’ve got something to keep your mind off this extended crazy lockdown – how about Free Fries Upsize Meal Deal?

Yup, get your hands on a large size Fries for any Fries Combo Meal Deal until 31s August.

Buy at our stores, on our App (Order Ahead) or with UberEats & Deliveroo.

Don’t worry that it doesn’t say so on the menu, we’ll make sure you get your loaded large size fries with your meal : )

And if you have left over fries, get creative! Fries in a sandwich. Fries in a hash brown. Stir fry Fries : )

Buy Online

Extended Lockdown Buy One Get One Free Special 31 Aug

Extended: Sydney Lockdown Buy One Get One Free Special

Lockdown shmockdown! We’re determined not to let this lockdown get to us. Let’s turn this frown upside & eat our way through this crazy lockdown. Trust me, time will go super fast when you eat, especially with yummy 6-hour marinated Egyptian meat, made-to-order flatbread or all naturally vegan Bowls.

But only on our App until 31st August. So download & check out the details

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Buy One Get One Free Wrap

Meat lovers will enjoy our 6-hour marinated meats in secret sauce including Chicken Shishtawook Wrap, Beef Shawarma Wrap & Chicken Shawarma. So no Lamb Shawarma Wrap in this special.

Not forgetting our non-meat eaters. We have our Egyptian Falafel Wrap & Arnabeet Wrap, which can be made as a Vegan, Vegetarian or Dairy-Free Wrap. Our Haloumi Wrap is a Vegetarian Wrap.

Conditions apply so see our App for detail.

Buy One Get One Free Plate

Our BOGOF Plate includes the Chicken Shishtawook Plate, Lemon & Garlic Chicken Plate, Beef Shawarma Plate & our Chicken Shawarma Plate. Sorry no Lamb Shawarma Plate in this special. Each Plate comes with your choice of fresh Salads, Rice, Homemade Dip & made-to-order flatbread.

For our non-meat lover friends, we have our Vegetarian Plate, which comes with herb intensive Egyptian Falafels, Arnabeet & Haloumi cheese. This can be turned into a Vegan, Vegetarian or Dairy-Free Plate. And not to forget from our Naturally Vegan menu, our Egyptian Falafel Plate & Grazing Plate as well.

Conditions apply so see our App for detail.

Buy One Get One Free Bowl

This Lockdown Special includes our Naturally Vegan menu, our signature dish Koshari Bowl & Arnabeet Bowl. Conditions apply so see our App for detail.

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10 Days 10 Specials App Promotion

Limited Time 10 Days 10 Specials: South Eveleigh

We’ve had to say bye-bye to our Limited Time $8 Egyptian Wrap special in celebration of our new store in South Eveleigh. But hello to our 10 Days 10 Specials App Promotion. We’re still kicking ourselves that we opened another store despite all the challenges that we had, especially with COVID. That is why we’re still celebrating BEKYA South Eveleigh!

Get Specials on App. Download here

Selected Naturally Vegan Menu

We can’t have a special without including our Koshari bowl. It will always be our star with spiced rice, lentils, macaroni, organic chickpeas, homemade spicy tomato salsa, topped with crispy onions and our secret dukkah mix. Then there’s our Arnabeet Bowl. Embarrassingly I had no idea what an arnabeet was before BEKYA – it’s cauliflower : )

Once you’ve had Egyptian style lightly fried cauliflower with homemade zaatar and tahini sauce, you’ll never look at the common cauliflower the same again! The cauliflower is transformed and now you can really taste the natural sweetness of the vegetable.

Koshari Bowl

Egyptian Wraps, Plates PLUS more

We’re not just about vegan! Look out for Day 6 and Day 7 for our new Beef Shawarma Wrap & Plate. Get into our 6 hour marinated beef in secret sauce, mixed leaf salad, fresh tomatoes, pickle & homemade Babaghanouj in the new flavour Wrap. And the same 6 hour marinated beef in our Plate, BUT it also includes your choice of Salad, Rice & Homemade Dip.

Beef Shawarma Wrap

BEKYA Egyptian Beef Shawarma Wrap

10 Days of Egyptian Bliss

Yup we are the new kid in South Eveleigh, the new Egyptian restaurant near Redfern, Darlington, Waterloo, Macdonaldtown, Erskineville, Newtown & St Peters.

We are ramping up goodies on our App to give the locals of South Eveleigh a treat.

In April:

  • Day#1: 27th – 3rd May $12.90 Egyptian Wrap + Drink*
  • Day#2: 28th – 4th May FREE Regular Coffee with Brekky Melt or Brekky Wrap*
  • Day#3: 29th – 5th May $8 Naturally Vegan Koshari Bowl*
  • Day#4: 30th – 6th May FREE Fries Upsize*

In May:

  • Day#5: 3rd – 9th May $2 Homemade Dip + Made-To-Order Flatbread*
  • Day#6: 4th – 10th May $7.90 NEW Beef Shawarma Wrap*
  • Day#7: 5th – 11th May $10.90 NEW Beef Shawarma Plate*
  • Day#8: 6th – 12th May $8 Naturally Vegan Arnabeet Bowl*
  • Day#9: 7th – 13th May FREE Fries Upsize*
  • Day#10: 10th – 16th May $2 Homemade Dip + Made-To-Order Flatbread*

Of course, there are Terms with these specials. They are detailed on the App.

Get Specials on App. Download here

Thank you for your support so far – see you there!


BEKYA Egyptian Beef Shawarma Wrap

New Store Opening Promotion

Limited Time $8 Egyptian Wraps at our new South Eveleigh Store

It’s time to celebrate our opening! Join us and enjoy any of our Egyptian Wraps for a special price of only $8. We marinate our meats for 6 hours in secret sauce and our flatbread is made-to-order in store. Non vegan/ vegetarian Wrap flavours include Haloumi cheese, Chicken Shistawook, Lamb Shawarma, Beef Shawarma and Chicken Shawarma.

And because Egyptian food is naturally vegan/ vegetarian, we have that covered too with our Egyptian Falafel and Arnabeet flavour Wraps.

This is only available on our App between 20th to 26th April 2021. Once you Claim it on your App, you’ll have a whole month to come into our South Eveleigh store to Collect it.

Download our App

PLUS 10 Days 10 Specials

But wait, there’s more! After you’ve Claimed the amazing $8 Egyptian Wrap special on our App, you’ll see more store opening specials appearing on the App:

In April:

  • 27th – $12.90 Egyptian Wrap + Drink*
  • 28th – FREE Regular Coffee with Brekky Melt or Brekky Wrap*
  • 29th – $8 Naturally Vegan Koshari Bowl*
  • 30th – FREE Fries Upsize*

In May:

  • 3rd – $2 Homemade Dip + Made-To-Order Flatbread*
  • 4th – $7.90 NEW Beef Shawarma Wrap*
  • 5th – $10.90 NEW Beef Shawarma Plate*
  • 6th – $8 Naturally Vegan Arnabeet Bowl*
  • 7th – FREE Fries Upsize*
  • 10th – $2 Homemade Dip + Made-To-Order Flatbread*

Of course, there are Terms with these specials. They are detailed on the App.

Download our App

Thank you for your support so far – see you there!