Let's put our differences aside with meatballs!

What is it about meatballs that makes me feel warm & fuzzy? In fact, I think these little round balls of packed minced meat could be the answer to world peace. Ok, perhaps that is going way too far. But, these gems exists in so many different cultures, it must be the common language that we can all embrace, right? Well, in my books anyway.

BEKYA Egyptian Meatballs

The Meatball Planet

So I did a little research & found 5 popular versions around the world. In no particular order:

  1. Kofta – A popular dish in many countries, Kofta is thought to have originated from Persia and then spread across Asia. A number of theories exist as far back its history goes; some say it came all the way out of Greece before travelling farther than you can imagine – into India or Bangladesh for example!
  2. Keftedes – Keftedes are one of Greece’s most popular styles of meatballs, made with lamb and sometimes beef mixed in soaked bread seasoned with garlic or oregano. They’re then fried until crisp but juicy!
  3. Turkish Cig Kofte – The traditional Turkish dish, kofte is a type of meatball made from ground fatty lamb and/or beef mixed with parsley. These are then fried until golden brown before being tossed into your favorite sauce or served plain buttered up! Some say there may even exceed 200 varieties.
  4. Albondigas – The albondigas traveling around the world transformed into a favorite dish for many people. In Mexico, it is made with pork and egg in broth or smokey sauce while elsewhere they’re enjoyed without any liquid at all; instead having rice noodles to soak up every last drop!
  5. Skilpadjies – Skilpadjies is an English version that contains beef, venison and even ostrich. Pork meat has been replaced with nutmeg for added flavor plus currants are used in place of raisins to give it more spice!

BEKYA Egyptian Spice’s Meatballs

Naturally we have our own meatballs version at BEKYA Egyptian Spice!

Our kafta meatballs is served with your choice of Egyptian or lentil rice topped with a homemade tomato salsa. Each serving gets four meatballs, not one, two or three, but four delicious meatballs made in the Egyptian way.

Available at all our store locations. Try some today.