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BEKYA Egyptian Meatballs

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BEKYA Summer Hill is our newest venue. Just 15 minutes from the city, this beautiful and historic suburb feels like you’re living in another world. Quietly located in the heart of The Flour Mill precinct.

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The Lone Wanderer

The lone wanderer pulled his cart along the ancient streets of Cairo. He is alone but he is not lonely. The people he has met and the stories he’s been told will stay with him forever.

The cart is full of old treasures, like nuggets of memories and evidence of where he’s been. Everything is for sale.

What a hub Egypt is. The spice trail has brought in people from Italy, Greece, France and England to India.

It is 1820 and this is the BEKYA man.

At BEKYA Egyptian Spice, our food is this reflection, but with a modern twist – colourful, healthy, slow cooked but served quick. A perfect blend of what the spice trail brought us.

What's Happening

The best thing since sliced bread…meatballs!

The very special Egyptian Meatballs.

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The very Special Chicken Shawarma Salad

Chicken Shawarma Salad Limited Time Special ends 30th Nov, served on a bed of freshly made Fattoush salad & drizzled with our homemade & preservative-free mild harissa sauce

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Get ready for Melbourne Cup

Get BEKYA Egyptian Spice catering for your Melbourne Cup event.

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Food is life and sharing it is one of the ultimate joys of being alive


As we go back in time prior to the revolution of Egypt in 1952 where the country was a thriving cosmopolitan society with strong cultural influences from the French, Italian and Greek communities, we are inspired by how the past has shaped the present with the contemporary take on Middle Eastern food.

Our BEKYA man is a reflection of this history as he has walked the streets of Egypt pushing his cart to hawk his produce. His legacy lives on and is brought to the streets of Sydney to show case the main stream Middle Eastern food that is our past and will continue to be our future.

Welcome to BEKYA we hope you enjoy this culinary journey with us.

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