BEKYA Middle Eastern kitchen uses family recipes that reflects the endless hours of preparation that comes from the heart. Using only local fresh ingredients to make flavoursome food. Our food techniques include pickling, slow cooking meats, home-made Egyptian flat breads and a variety of spice mixes.

Our food is all about sharing which is an old honoured tradition and an expression of hospitality.


As we go back in time prior to the revolution of Egypt in 1952 where the country was a thriving cosmopolitan society with strong cultural influences from the French, Italian and Greek communities, we are inspired by how the past has shaped the present with the contemporary take on Middle Eastern food.

Our BEKYA man is a reflection of this history as he has walked the streets of Egypt pushing his cart to hawk his produce. His legacy lives on and is brought to the streets of Sydney to show case the main stream Middle Eastern food that is our past and will continue to be our future.

Welcome to BEKYA we hope you enjoy this culinary journey with us.


V = Vegetarian, VG = Vegan, DF = Dairy-free, GF = Gluten-free available

Monday–Sunday: 10am–4pm

All Plates come with freshly made flat bread. Your choice of: (1) Protein, (2) Salad, (3) Rice and (4) Dip.

Our flat breads are made fresh, in-store and to order.

With any Wrap, Plate or Naturally Vegan

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