Limited Time 10 Days 10 Specials: South Eveleigh

We’ve had to say bye-bye to our Limited Time $8 Egyptian Wrap special in celebration of our new store in South Eveleigh. But hello to our 10 Days 10 Specials App Promotion. We’re still kicking ourselves that we opened another store despite all the challenges that we had, especially with COVID. That is why we’re still celebrating BEKYA South Eveleigh!

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Selected Naturally Vegan Menu

We can’t have a special without including our Koshari bowl. It will always be our star with spiced rice, lentils, macaroni, organic chickpeas, homemade spicy tomato salsa, topped with crispy onions and our secret dukkah mix. Then there’s our Arnabeet Bowl. Embarrassingly I had no idea what an arnabeet was before BEKYA – it’s cauliflower : )

Once you’ve had Egyptian style lightly fried cauliflower with homemade zaatar and tahini sauce, you’ll never look at the common cauliflower the same again! The cauliflower is transformed and now you can really taste the natural sweetness of the vegetable.

Koshari Bowl

Egyptian Wraps, Plates PLUS more

We’re not just about vegan! Look out for Day 6 and Day 7 for our new Beef Shawarma Wrap & Plate. Get into our 6 hour marinated beef in secret sauce, mixed leaf salad, fresh tomatoes, pickle & homemade Babaghanouj in the new flavour Wrap. And the same 6 hour marinated beef in our Plate, BUT it also includes your choice of Salad, Rice & Homemade Dip.

Beef Shawarma Wrap

BEKYA Egyptian Beef Shawarma Wrap

10 Days of Egyptian Bliss

Yup we are the new kid in South Eveleigh, the new Egyptian restaurant near Redfern, Darlington, Waterloo, Macdonaldtown, Erskineville, Newtown & St Peters.

We are ramping up goodies on our App to give the locals of South Eveleigh a treat.

In April:

  • Day#1: 27th – 3rd May $12.90 Egyptian Wrap + Drink*
  • Day#2: 28th – 4th May FREE Regular Coffee with Brekky Melt or Brekky Wrap*
  • Day#3: 29th – 5th May $8 Naturally Vegan Koshari Bowl*
  • Day#4: 30th – 6th May FREE Fries Upsize*

In May:

  • Day#5: 3rd – 9th May $2 Homemade Dip + Made-To-Order Flatbread*
  • Day#6: 4th – 10th May $7.90 NEW Beef Shawarma Wrap*
  • Day#7: 5th – 11th May $10.90 NEW Beef Shawarma Plate*
  • Day#8: 6th – 12th May $8 Naturally Vegan Arnabeet Bowl*
  • Day#9: 7th – 13th May FREE Fries Upsize*
  • Day#10: 10th – 16th May $2 Homemade Dip + Made-To-Order Flatbread*

Of course, there are Terms with these specials. They are detailed on the App.

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Thank you for your support so far – see you there!