Limited Time $8 Egyptian Wraps at our new South Eveleigh Store

It’s time to celebrate our opening! Join us and enjoy any of our Egyptian Wraps for a special price of only $8. We marinate our meats for 6 hours in secret sauce and our flatbread is made-to-order in store. Non vegan/ vegetarian Wrap flavours include Haloumi cheese, Chicken Shistawook, Lamb Shawarma, Beef Shawarma and Chicken Shawarma.

And because Egyptian food is naturally vegan/ vegetarian, we have that covered too with our Egyptian Falafel and Arnabeet flavour Wraps.

This is only available on our App between 20th to 26th April 2021. Once you Claim it on your App, you’ll have a whole month to come into our South Eveleigh store to Collect it.

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PLUS 10 Days 10 Specials

But wait, there’s more! After you’ve Claimed the amazing $8 Egyptian Wrap special on our App, you’ll see more store opening specials appearing on the App:

In April:

  • 27th – $12.90 Egyptian Wrap + Drink*
  • 28th – FREE Regular Coffee with Brekky Melt or Brekky Wrap*
  • 29th – $8 Naturally Vegan Koshari Bowl*
  • 30th – FREE Fries Upsize*

In May:

  • 3rd – $2 Homemade Dip + Made-To-Order Flatbread*
  • 4th – $7.90 NEW Beef Shawarma Wrap*
  • 5th – $10.90 NEW Beef Shawarma Plate*
  • 6th – $8 Naturally Vegan Arnabeet Bowl*
  • 7th – FREE Fries Upsize*
  • 10th – $2 Homemade Dip + Made-To-Order Flatbread*

Of course, there are Terms with these specials. They are detailed on the App.

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Thank you for your support so far – see you there!